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What are Parabens and how does it affect the skin

By Faithlyn Scarlett

Parabens are a man made preservative chemical used in skincare products such as lotions, shampoo, facecream etc. to extend the shelf life. While this might appears innocent or unharmful recent studies has proven otherwise. According to recent Dermatolgy findings parabens affect the endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for your body's growth and metabolism development. Paraben slows down this very importmant process especially in children.

While alot of products claims to slow down the aging process if they contain parabens it does the opposite. Researches from the Kyotos Prefectural University of medicine in Japan found out that Methyl types of parabens increases sensitivity to the sun, over exposure to ultra violet rays decreases the skin's ability to regenerates itself causing premature aging.

Parabens has many names here are a few: methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl. When buying products check the labels for these chemicals.

Choosing natural products that are free of these chemicals are the best and most safe option. here is a great option to modern day face care.

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