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Love walking into the shops the atmosphere is always so welcoming and warm, my family and I enjoy every single soap we've tried.

Nancy w 6/20/2019

I have been using your products now for a little over a year and my skin is glorious, I live by the turmeric face was, body butter, pum pum wash and hair milk, just pure magic.

Rea T 5/17/19


SHORTY 3/21/2019 

In all honesty! my sex life has gotten way better and that's thanks to Pum Pum wash! Ladies, grab a bottle or two. It changed my life and I know it will change yours too. Thanks Faith.

Tai L.


Your products are wonderful! So glad I stumbled across your IG page. Proud customer all the way from Mississippi!

Christina Smith


Thanks for your creativity in the products!

Bridget Mccormick


I found FaithNaturals beauty just browsing online... and I'm so happy that I've discovered it ( it's been about 3 years). Not only are her products made of such great quality and love, she offers the best customer care/service, which is a plus! Thank you for creating!! You'll forever have a dedicated client her in New York! Best, Dell.

Dell 10/11/2018

I was introduced to Faith's Natural through a patient Chantel C. She smelled so good I had to ask her about it. She proudly told me about the goodies from Faiths Naturals and at the end of the appointment I had already filled my cart with products. But since it was not too far from work i decided to go in for myself. Faith greeted me with a smile and like a kid in a candy store, I bought oils, deodorant, face cream, soaps, stones, hair products etc, and love it. I am truly amazed by everything especially the natural deodorant. I have been a faithful customer ever since.

Jill J 9/3/2018

When that Faith's Naturals tracking# hit's your inbox and it just gave you all types of good vibes, thanks for making awesome products. I love everything I have bought thus far.

Nefer T. 7/11/2018

Bev is truly wonderful, she is super caring and takes her time doing my facial. My skin is starting to clearing up after my facial with her.

Shandrell K. 5/18/18

Had my first yoni steam and it was an amazing experience, will be coming back.

Grace S. 5/17/18

This shop is so full of positive energy as well as the owner, my Yoni steaming experience was EVERYTHING I felt so renewed and spiritually lifted.

Latoya 3/23/18 

This store is truly everything! I love the energy and ability to go somewhere where you can indulge in yourself eternally to get better. But I just brought the turmeric soap Sunday 1/28/ and already got compliments on my skin the next day. It's amazing and I love how my dark spots are really fading. This is truly a great place to shop where your coins are worthy.

Berdine 1/30/18 

Gurlll, I had to come on here and let you know your products are a MIRACLE!!! listen honey, I have been trying to get rid of some dark spots on my legs now for too freakin long, but your moisturizing body butter and turmeric soap, bam. Just 1 and a half months and the scars are already fading they are barely noticeable, but what I love the most about your products when I use them I feel so good, like full of good positive energy. I don't know gurll, keeping working your magic.

Jackie S. 1/24/18 

I'm so in love with the pum pum wash and pum pum oil!!!!!!! Makes me feel so sexy!!! Keeps you smelling fresh all day!!! Thanks for natural products that work great.

Majre Sammey 1/7/18

I love love this store, Faith is so sweet and I faithfully use her products. I love the products so much that I have my family and friends using the products as well. I love the vibes whenever I stop by. I look forward to supporting this business in the years to come. Keep making the product and I will surely keep buying!

Jalessa 11/15/2017

I am grateful Someone like you was placed here to do something as sweet as this. These products are natural and smell wonderful.

Caliece M. DANCY 10/11/2017

I love this store so much and all the products. My favorite products is the High Vibration cleansing soak. When I use this for my bath I feel so relax and great and the skin feels so soft. I had to hide from my son because I realized he loved the products as much as I do. Faith is amazing and going to the store is an amazing experience. Great Customer service Thank You for putting so much Love and passion into all the products.

naike 9/22/2017

I don't know what I was doing before this pum pum wash, oil and spray but all I know is I can NOT live without them. Such a difference when I run out, which is why today my order is so large because I hate when I look on the website and they're out, I literally email you a million time to see when they will be back in lol. Life changing.

Monica R 9/20/2017

I remember meeting Faiths in a parking lot for my 1st order and I was afraid that her products wouldn't work that was over 2 yrs ago and I'm hooked!!!!! I have everything from the teeth whitening to the pum pum wash to the oil, all of her body oils and creams but what I'm most impressed by is the facials JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!! My face is sooooo happy and healthy right now, she is awesome and you feel the positive energy flowing through every moment of this facial. Faith you did it again!!!!! Please keep up the amazing work!!!!!

Trevena 8/9/2017

I love the coffee & mint cellulite soap. I love how it tingles my skin and makes it feel. I have received so many compliments about my skin. I recommend this soap to everyone I know. Thanks also for the great customer service!

Ludny 7/16/2017

I have been using your products now for about 4 months, the energy and love that you put in these products feels so amazing, the pum pum oil is a treasure, every time I use it, it's like I am giving love to my yoni. Thanks keep up the amazing work.

Roxie 7/10/2017

I was recently introduced to Faith Naturals and was looking for all natural feminine products. I walked into the store and purchased the pum pum wash. It has only been a couple days but I absolutely love this product. It leaves down there feeling fresh, clean all day and smelling like flowers. I will soon purchase the pum pum oil and spray next. Thank you!

Stephanie 5/26/2017

I used the natural whitening clay from Faith Naturals. Now my smile is bright and teeth are healthy. Way better than chemical filled toothpaste. This stuff works!! No fluoride all natural. Why use chemicals to keep your mouth clean. When mother earth has provided everything we need naturally. Thanks Faith.

Dawdu 5/9/2017

I absolutely love Faith Naturals because she and her products are the real deal. I especially love the pumpum wash and spray it really does work. Her scrubs and oils don't irritate or break me out. Her hair care products for locs and scalps I have to take with me to the salon because there products irritate me. Try it, I promise you will love it!

Regina Decosta 5/1/2017

The turmeric skin lightening soap has work wonders on my old acne scars, I would never thought that a simple soap could make such a huge difference and in such a short time, it has only been two weeks and my skin is brighter, scars way less visible. I will restock when I come in next time.

Dolores w. 3/30/2017

I have had so many natural deodorants fail me and my armpits, but then came Faith's Naturals natural deodorant and changed my life! Please do yourself a favor a purchase their natural deodorant. I have fallen in love with my deodorant. I know it's going to be the end of the road soon, so I have to repurchase. I selected the baby powder scent. I'm going to try the other scents too. I also purchased the acne body wash, which smelled so amazing! it made the whole house smell like heaven! lol, I didn't break out while using it either! Great products.... I will be purchasing more from her. She has excellent customer service and my package came right away!

Katrina 3/2/2017

I love all your feminine line of products, but this feminine oil, pum pum oil is out of this world amazing, it's a oil but it's not greasy and I truly, truly feel such a positive energy every time I use it, sometimes I even put it in my hair lol.

Sabrina T.2/28/2017

I purchased Faith's natural deodorant and could not be more happier. It keeps you dry and is aluminum free without all the unnatural chemicals and scents. I highly recommend this product.

-Dawdu 2/4/2017

I couldn't be happier with the customer service, nevertheless, your products. The "Man butter" is a very rich and deeply conditioning product I highly recommend it for men with dry skin especially in the winter and dry climates. I found right after showering to be the best (no more dry/itchy skin!) I have been using your anti-aging facial cream for about 4 months now and I have noticed my skin being rejuvenated and moisturized with less blemishing (absorb fast and not oily). Keep up the fantastic work.

C.G 2/2/2017

Love your products!

Tracy Rich 1/31/2017

I went home Sunday night and literally couldn't wait to use the scrub on my entire body, you know how things always feels good on your hands but when you put in on your body it's different. Well let me tell you the My Pleasure body scrub had my skin feeling like pure silk, I mean the shine, the softness. I am truly impressed with the quality of the products. I will be returning for the entire set soon.

Eileen T 12/5/2016

So I had to see what everyone has been experiencing and loves so much about the products. I ordered for the first time and so far the products don't seem to be harsh to my face haven't been using that long so maybe by the end of the month results will show and the pum pum wash like Wow! will try some others.

Lakeisha M.12/5/2016

Thanks for my little mini pampering, the Island mango scrub has done my skin wonders, I no longer has scales on my skin, lol thanks again.

Amiya R. 11/26/2016

I have been using the Treasured moments feminine wash for 4 days now and I am amazed at the results, it truly keeps you fresh and clean and the scent is light and fresh.

Karen J. 11/26/2016

My son decided this deodorant for me. Love it. Shouts out to Ms.Faith and Crew. Also to Ms. Tayla Andre.

Lorisa H. 11/12/2016

I loveeee the turmeric soap for the face. Has cleared up scars and made my face so bright and smooth. Can't live without it.

Camille Staco 11/10/2016

This feminine wash is off the hook,my boyfriend even says he noticed the difference (wink wink) I absolutely love this stuff and will be coming back for more

Jasmine F 10/24/2016

Good Evening Faith,

I just want to thank you so much for sending the bump spray and beard oil. The back of my fiancé's head looks so much better. It healed very well.

Your products are amazing! :-)

Thank you again,

Danielle 9/26/2016

Hello Faith, Yesterday I brought a item of yours. I am so amazed using it this morning. I smell like strawberries😊 I am very impressed.

Bettina F. 9/20/2016

Purchased the Mango soap scrub at the event on Truman Highway. I LOVE it! Next up the Pumm Pumm wash :)

Donna Bowen 8/29/2016

Your moisturizing body butter has been a lifesaver for both myself and my children skin. We all suffered from really dry skin and since using your body butter the dry scales that we once had is now completely gone, just soft smooth skin and love the baby fresh scent of it as well.

Deloris G. 8/23/2016

I am really diggin this "Man Butter" smells really good and my lady loves it on me. Got it at the shop, just want to encourage you to continue on your journey. Blessing.

King IAM 7/30/2016

Faith's Naturals skin care and hair products have really been working for my skin. I have seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and can't use peppermint oil. Faith's Naturals was kind enough to customize my order just for my needs. I think I have found just what works for me!! Thank you Again Faith's Naturals. #lifetimecustomer

Sheronda Walker 7/26/2016

I bought a few body sprays and I am in love! The fragrances are so light but sensual. I feel like a lady when I wear it. I was also given a sample of the bath salt. OMG my skin felt so good! it smelled amazing and made me feel so relaxed. Thank you so much for everything. I can't wait to try more of your products.

Chante T. 7/16/2016

I always go to the shop to purchase your products, but I had to let you know that my skin feels so darn good, sometimes when I touch my skin I can't believe it's mines, because of how super soft it is. I use your Island Mango Blast everything, scrub, souffle, body oil, soap if you made it in water I would use it too lol. Non of the products are greasy it just melts right into your skin and the after effect is freaking fantastic.

Paula L. 7/4/2016

So for the last 3 months I have been using the replenishing hair growth oil and I am extremely please with the outcome, my edges are growing in, my hair is healthier and shinier.

Chantel G. 6/12/2016

Been using the feminine wash now for about 3 months and there is a significant difference. Love it.

Lorraine w 5/27/2016

I purchased your deodorant because I heard about it on the radio and was looking for something that would last at least to the end of my work day. Your deodorant goes beyond the 24 hours. Had to leave work on a business trip and I was surprised the scent was still there the next day. I will be trying more of your items soon. Nadine C. 5/22/2016

Received my Mother's day deluxe package, so in love with all your products, love the my pleasure souffle, perfume, body oil, OMG!!! wow I smell like heaven. Best part it stays on all day. Since Monday not one person has passed by without asking me what I have on. This is my new signature scent, and that soak divine, the name fits it so well, I already ordered a full size.
Isodora 5/11/2016 

I can not get enough of your moisturizing body butter, been using it since summer 2015, my skin loves it. Simply the best.

Zane B 4/21/2016 

Girl, let me tell you this herbal shampoo is the business. I have loose natural hair and when I tell you my curls were poppin, they were poppin. I love it will be back for more, oh I met you at the minority business expo.

Arianna Thomas 3/20/2016

Super excited about the renew me hair butter, yes it did just that renewed my hair.

Isabella E. 3/6/2016

I have been experiencing pain in the bottom of my right foot for some time I've went to the doctor and they could find anything wrong with it they suggested I use some over the counter creams to take away the pain that didn't work for me then I tried the pain away healing balm and it work like magic I will be using it for now on thanks faithsnaturalsbeauty

Linda 3/6/2016

The pain away was applied to my aching ankles and the pain had subsided. I have recommended this my mother and she used it for her feet and knee's and was very pleased with the results as well. Also the body butter scent smell so nice and it helps my dry skin. I am so greatful to faith and new products. Customers for life.

Janice C.


The pain away balm is superb applied it to my aching ankles and can immediately felt it working, woke up the next day and didn't feel the pain, have been suffering with this ache for awhile.You have a longterm customer here.

Paul coyle 2/22/2016

I Really enjoyed the divine queen's bath soak, I felt so relaxed and it smells oh so good, great product.

Shirlaine R. 2/22/2016

I love supporting my sister and in return receiving products that make me feel wonderful

Curtis 2/12/2016

Well Deserved your products are AMAZING!!! I love my skin and made a great choice trying you out!! Thanks

Jerusha C 2/7/2016

I love Faiths all natural products! This is life

Kheisha Reid 2/1/16

I have been using your replenishing hair oil and body butter since august of last year, there has been a significant change in both my skin and hair, i absolutely love your products. Keep up the great work

Daffney S 1/25/2016

I used the coconut hair and body pomade on my skin it made it shine and also smells amazing love it.

Linda w. 1/24/2016

I purchased the body butter and some shampoo, I am pleased with the timeliness of the shipment and the quality of the products. I would recommend that everyone try it out for themselves.

Micheal B 1/21/2016

I'm in LOVE @faithsnaturals her rose infused body oil, soap and candle is amazing, the deodorant is the ONLY deodorant i use!

Tayla Andre 1/14/2016


I received the deluxe set as a christmas gift, talk about WOW everything in this pretty, pretty basket smells and feels amazing, i will be back for more.

ashlee 12-25-2015

I love and enjoy the pleasure souffle!! My husband loves my goddess waist bead! thank you Faith your the best!

Siobhan A. 11/27/2015


These products are great use both of them, when you rub the scrub on your body right before you come out the shower it makes your body feel extra smooth and once you add the souffle you feel relaxed and they smell amazing, you will be in heaven trust i love it.

Linda W. 11/24/2015

came home to this GOODNESS, i had to take a bath right away. This stuff right here SMELLS AND FEEL AMAZING!!! all my husband kept saying is what do you have on. I got the my pleasure souufle, matching body oil, treasured moment intimate wash, lavender body scrub and the amazing island mango blast souffle.

Mary Q. 11/24/2015

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cashmere dreams perfume roller, amazing scent I will be stocking up!!!

Jasmine E. 11/22/2015

Faith great meeting you Saturday the 14th at the strand theater you have such a loving spirit, i love all your products, the moisturizing body butter, wow i never knew shea butter could be so good and it smells awesome, love the treasured moments wash. hope you make it in a bigger bottle soon, i am already trying to hide it from everyone in my home.

Evita Boston ma 11/18/2015

Wow!!! amazing body/feminine wash i normally don't even write reviews but base on the results i had using this treasured moments intimate wash i am truly amazed, i felt clean and fresh excellent products plus it's all natural, this one is a keeper for me. thanks faith keep going i love it.

Natalie L. 11/11/2015

Amen! I am totally in love with this freaking renew me hair butter, my hair has never ever felt so moisturizing like cotton candy. wow I am going to stock up on this stuff, Faith please keep making this one even if it's just for me.

Tiffany D.

Faith, thanks for the love that you put into making my basket, both my husband and I love your products he has finished his body scrub and started looking for mines which i had to hide, I love the scent of the men's sensual body scrub I know he will love it as well, and I love my gift thanks

love Guanita T

"Love the body butter! it does what it says it does. very effective."

returning customer Serlaine R

ok this is the scrub of all scrubs Faith's grapefruit scrub I don't even need any lotion once I am done. amazing I have found my new body crave.

-Betsy J. mass.

The blossom of roses souffle and matching soap is absolutely amazing makes my skin soft and smells beautiful.

- Emily

Purchased these items from my friend's all natural products and I'm in love! The body butter is amazing. — with Faiths Naturals.

- Melanie

LOVE the grapefruit scrub and body butter.... Its a must have!

- Tracey

I been using the body butter. It's Amazing ..takes dark marks off feet & elbows. The Hair Oil is another Must.. Made my hair feel so soft along with nice shine. Thanks Faith.

- Shirlane

You go girl!

- Marilyn

Love the hair oil and Shea butter is great.

- Kay

Purchased the My Pleasures body oil and matching souffle from faith's naturals and wow, amazing, smells divine my husband tells me i smell great how soft my skins feel

i will be a returning customer.

-Sabrina (boston)

Ok i have tried tons of shea butter before....but nothing like this one melts right into your skin and the smell is so light soft and fresh.

-Jennifer W.

Got the renewing face mask and activated charcoal soap directly from faith @ carnival 2015 and my skin has started to improve tremendously this stuff really works.


-sheila R

I am a man got the In the Rain cream from Faith at a vending event and I love it, it's clean and fresh great smell for guys

Ian G. Boston

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