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Leading cause of thinning edges

By Faithlyn Scarlett

Thinning edges is a break down of the hair along the edges of the head. In some cases the hair is completely pulled out of the scalp, this is where you notice the white bud at the end of the hair. Once this process starts if you are not mindful and take action it can result in alopecia which is when the hair follicule has been pulled out so many times that hair will no longer grow it that area.

Cause and effect

The leading cause of thinning of the edges are hair styles that has too much strain on the edges of the hair. For example:

Braids- when getting your hair braided be mindful of how tight the egdes are being pulled, have the person doing your hair not pull the sides as much.

Ponytails- Constantly having the hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Wearing a wig or weave constantly where your own hair is not being able to relax, the constant friction of the rubbing of the wig along your edges cause the hair to become thin.


So you strart to notice some of these symptoms, here are some easy steps to take. Always give your hair a break by changing up your hairstyles. Treat your hair to natural products that contains no mineral oil. Mineral oil only clogs the pores making it hard for nutrients to get to the roots and help the hair to grow. We have formulated an entire hair growth starter kit to help with this issue. Replenishing hair growth oil that contains pure essential oils that will stimulate the hair follicles strenghten the hair from root to tip. See product details.

Enjoy your journey to health hair

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