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Getting rid of scars

By. Faithlyn Scarlett

We all know how frustrating it can be trying to get rid of unwanted scar. What causes it and what can be done about it? Scarring of the skin occurs when blood vessels are broken under the skin. This includes bruises, open wounds or acne. The brain send signals to the skin tissues letting it know that an injury occurred. A vast amount of skin cells starts to regenerate. This takes place in the second layer of the skin known as the dermis. Due to the fact that the body is trying to heal itself so rapidly more melanin is produce in that area making the skin darker than the surrounding areas.

To combat this issue we have formulated a very effective product for this purpose. Our moisturizing body butter is packed with natural body butters used from ancient time to heal scars, tone stretch marks, dark under eye circles and more. With continous use gradaully the scars will begin to fade, some of our customers has experience results in a week base on the depth of the scarring tissues.

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