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Detoxing, detoxing what it's all about.

By Faithlyn Scarlett

Detoxing has been thrown around in the skincare industry so much now, what's the point? is it something that you really have to do. shouldn't just regular washing your skin with a wash cloth and soap be enough. Well let's take a closer look at our skin, specifically the top layer known as the epidermis. The epidermis is our first level of proection for our internal organs. As we travel throughout the day we come in contact with a wide variety of unseen toxins and pollutants that leaves debris on our skin. Those very debris will seep into our pores. Taking a good shower is fantastic, but that doesn't get those toxins out of the pores.

Here is where a good detoxification of the skin comes into play. When you detox your skin by appling a body scrub made just for that purpose, you rid the body of those excess toxins that are on the skin and has seep through your pores. The best scrub for detoxing the skin is salt scrub or coffee scrub not sugar, sugar scrubs polishes the skin but it doesn't detox. our salt scrubs contains 84 minerals that draws toxins out the skin, riding the body of dead skin cells, toxins and deliver much need moisture and vital nutrients to your skin offering it the tools it needs to glow and be more radiant.

Yes Detox is a skincare must. Enjoy.


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