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Daily affirmations

By Faithlyn Scarlett

Are you speaking life into existence, what is your constant self talk. Remember what you say over your own life has more power and carries more volume than what anyone can say over your life. The universe is like a mirror, the words that you release are your reflection. Find ways to elevate your energy and direct your intentions for your day.

This wasn't always the case for me, I use to be someone who was quite hard on myself and instead of seeing the good, would always quickly look for the bad or the worse case scenario. Gradually through reading and understanding that we create our own reality by the thoughts and the words we are constantly saying I made some adjustment. Now this might seems so silly at first but it's so worth the try. First thing I did was when a negative thought would come, I would quickly replace it with a memory of something that made me laugh or happy. I would write little positive affarmations on post it paper and stick them on some place I was sure to see each day I wake up, like my bathroom mirror.

Here are few simple ones:

I am amazing, I am abundantly blessed, I am powerful beyond measures, I am on purpose with my destiny, Today is a great day, I am beautiful, I am constantly creating and doing what I love to do, I attrack great opportunites . You can add ones that speak to you. Practing this daily gradually you will start to see and feel a difference within yourself.

"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words, keep your words positive because your words become your behaviours, keep your behaviours positive because your behaviours become your habits, keep your habits positive because your habits become your values, keep your values positive because your values become your destiny." Gandhi

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