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Blackhead 101 and solution

By Faithlyn Scarlett

What are blackheads? Blackheads are  a type of acne that's form  from build up of excessive sebum and dead skin cells that  clogs the pores.  You can tell the difference between a whitehead and a blackhead based on if the pores are closed.  Blackheads has a closed pore.   Typically depending on the shade of your skin with a blackhead the closed pore will have a black dot at the top of it.  Blackheads are commonly found on the face but they can appear on the back, shoulders and chest.

This can be quite annoying cause for one they are noticeable and two no one has time for that.  Rule of thumb be gentle with your face.  Over excessive washing or scrubbing of the skin can lead to irritation and in some instance make the blackheads worst.  Look  for products that are natural and geared towards that specific issue.  Lemons are and ideal remedy for blackheads,  the citrus in lemons helps break up and dissolve the blackheads and provide a great source of vitamin C to the skin.  Now  be mindful of your skin sensitivity,  if you are going to apply a freshly cut lemon to your face, test it in a small area first to see if your skin can tolerate the acidity of the lemon. If irritation occurs please know that we have created a face scrub that is geared towards this issue.  Our citrus glowing face sugar scrub.  This scrub has added moisture to help balance the skin to not leave it dry or irriated, but to mainly get rid of blackheads, acne and hyperpigmentation.  

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