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Beauty in beauty out

Much of what we eat has a great impact on our body as well as our skin, the term beauty in beauty out is a factually statement and yes, it can be challenging to change our eating habits, but with gradually small changes you will notice a great difference in the way you feel both internally and externally. A great way to start is by incorporating more fruits and veggitables in our daily diet, they contain tons of antioxidants, vital minerals, protects against cancer and nourish the skin by increasing hydration and provides a natural glow.

Drinking lemon water daily is a small and affordable change that provides a big impact. Even though lemon may seems like an acidic food once ingested it changes into alkaline. Your body can be either acidic or alkaline, in an alkaline enviorment it's hard for disease and viruses to survive. plus lemons helps fight cold, flu and a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B2 so drink up.

When packing your lunch add an apple, banana and even a salad. Remember our bodies are the most valuable thing we can possible own treat it well so it can return the favor.

By Faithlyn Scarlett

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