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WHAT IT DOES - hydrates, softens and tones the skin, sexually intriguing.
  This body oil is a soft and sensual scent,  it allows us to go with the flow of life and helps us tap into the depts of our soul.   A superb moisturizer that softens and nourishes the skin while providing a healthy radiant complexion.
  TELL ME MORE - in each botttle of oil you will find a 3 genuine sea shells invoking the healing energy of the ocean.
  JUST FOR YOU - This body oil lingers on the skin all day. Excellent to use as we journey more into self love and caring more for ourselves.
  Ingredients-grape seed oil, pomegrante oil,marula oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter,olive oil, coconut oilvitamin E oil,vegan base glycerin, rosehips oil, essential fragrance blends,other essential oils, sea shells, reiki music and good intentions
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