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As we all know conventional deodorants are

packed with aluminum which major studies show

is a factor in cancer, our arm pits contains lymph nodes

which is a part of the nervous system.

When this area is blocked it is hard for it to breathe,

and release toxins from the skin. When we sweat it is a natural

way for the body to get rid of toxins, traditional

deodorants due to the chemicals it contains keep the sweat inside the lymph nodes not allowing it to be released from the body.

My all natural deordorant keeps you dry without

causing that effect, it contains active ingredients

that allows the lymph nodes to perform it's natural

duty of releasing toxins without clogging the pores, it also contains natural butters that removes dark under arm marks.

24 hour protection

*goes on softly will not stain clothing.


Sweet Lavender (smells like lavender and vinilla)

sweet nectar ( smells like sweet orange and mangoes)

Baby Fresh ( clean baby powder)

In The Rain (fresh and clean)

Ingredients - all natural arrow root powder, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, teatree oil, sage oil, bakingsoda, and other essential oil blends

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Customer reviews

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I purchased your deodorant because I heard about it on the radio and was looking for something that would last at least to the end of my work day. Your deodorant goes beyond the 24 hours. Had to leave work on a business trip and I was surprised the scent was still there the next day. I will be trying more of your items soon. Nadine C. 5/22/2016

I'm in LOVE @faithsnaturals her rose infused body oil, soap and candle is amazing, the deodorant is the ONLY deodorant i use!

Tayla Andre 1/14/2016



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