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Faith's Naturals® is an all natural and organic skin and hair care company, we are focused on providing high quality products and customer satisfaction. Everything here is handmade, Free of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfate and mineral oils. Our products are composed of natural plant base ingredients that nourishes, restores and replenishes skin and hair. We believe what we put into our body is just as important as what we put on it. With this belief we pride ourselves in providing high quality effective products that will give you results.

Every product is made with you in mind, from the smallest to the largest. We have selected the highest quality ingredients, that will deliver a wide variety of nutrients to nourish and improve the overall, look and feel of your skin and hair. Our aim is to make sure that you are completely satisfied and not just be a customer but apart of our family.


"I wouldn't change a thing."(founder) Faithlyn Scarlett

Faith's Naturals was born out of pure necessity, as a young child founder Faithlyn suffered with chicken pox and the scars they left behind. As she got older she became self conscious about her skin. Refusing to wear short skirts or strapless dresses. Faithlyn invested hundreds of dollars in the hopes of getting rid of the scars. It wasn't until she began researching, mixing and after many testing of her own products, she experienced first hand amazing results.

Second reason, her youngest son suffered with eczema since 5 months of age. One day he had a severe break out to the point where Faithlyn was crying in his doctor's office, because she had tried everything and It just seems there was no relief. That same night as soon as she got home, she applied the moisturizing body butter to his skin, she taught what's the worst that could happen she had already tried it all. Faithlyn was surprise that same night he was itching less and she finally got some sleep. Since then his skin has been excellent.

As she began sharing the moisturizing body butter with family and friends, word of mouth spread and pretty soon strangers were calling requesting a jar, and so it began.

Now with the courage and belief, she wants to share these products with the world. Her goal is to help men and women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin naturally. 


Winter 2015 Faith's Naturals has teamed up with Casa Myrna Vazquez a local domestic violence shelter here in Boston. Where we donated Toys, books and clothing to help children celebrate the holiday seasons. This will be a on-going relationship as we strongly believe when you get you give and there is nothing more precious than seeing a child smile.


Faithlyn Scarlett is a young vibrant, energetic Author, wife and mother of four. She is always smiling, always sees the good in every situation and strongly believes everything that happens in life are lesson and blessings, leading to a greater good. 

She lovingly and diligently hand-makes ever product. With her fascination of herbs and the great benefits that nature offers it was only a matter of time. What was just something she created to help herself and her youngest son with their skin issues has now grown into a natural and organic skin and hair care sensation.

Faithlyn loves what she does and creating amazing products has truly become one of her greatest passion. 

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